How to protect their privacy on the internet

Did you know? When you browse the Internet, you leave many information about you behind you. This information is stored in your browser and can be useful for example to log into your account without...

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Accelerate the speed of booting your PC

Did you know? Many programs designed to load automatically when you start your PC. While some of them are necessary for the proper operation of your computer, such as your antivirus or other PC...

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Plan scanning your PC

Did you know?   PC Speed Maximizer is launching a full scan of your PC at startup. It detects within minutes unnecessary files left in the final use and other causes of slowdown. The handy tip PC...

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Optimize the Windows registry and gain performance!

What is a registry? The Windows registry (or registry) is a database that contains information necessary to configure the Windows system and programs that use it. Over time, the registry size keeps...

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