Did you know?

When you browse the Internet, you leave many information about you behind you. This information is stored in your browser and can be useful for example to log into your account without having to enter the password each time. However, other personal data are collected by various websites for advertising or sometimes malicious purposes!

Practical tips

Follow good practices

Your information belongs to you, protect them by staying alert and keeping a critical mind. Here are some tips to protect yourself online:

  • Allow a minimum of private information on the internet.
  • Be careful on social networks. Set your account to make it private.
  • Frequently Delete your browsing history.
  • Do not respond to spam email, especially if it asks you for personal information to win a prize.
  • Fill out the contact form fields when you really feel are necessary.

Use PC Speed Maximizer to protect your personal data every day

Tool Cleaning PC Speed Maximizer more speed of your PC, PC is a good utility to protect your privacy.

How it proceeds?

It finds and deletes the history of recently visited websites, internet chat, music, videos or photos uploaded. Cookies that were downloaded automatically recorded and will also be deleted and the information relating to recently opened documents and research papers.
This way your privacy is protected daily.

How to use it ?

Nous vous recommandons d’analyser et supprimer les risques de confidentialité au moins une fois par mois.

1. Start the PC Speed Maximizer Software
2. Since the Cleaning ,click Privacy Analysis

PC Speed Maximizer

3. Select the areas to be analyzed and click Start Scan.

supprimer les risque de confidentialité

4. At the end of the analysis, the results are displayed in analysis results display. You can remove some or all of the items displayed in the list
5. Before deleting elements, it is recommended to consult and select only those that you want to delete.
6. Click delete selection to clean all risk confidentialities.