Why should you use PC cleaning software?

A major clean up is a must ! Have you noticed that your computer is becoming slower and slower ? Do you have the sensation that your computer is riddled with unnecessary software and files ? Perhaps...

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Basic tips for cleaning your PC

This is practically the scourge of the century : the progressive slowing down of a personal or professional computer after a few months or a few years. This is made worse with today’s...

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Why should I optimize my hard drive?

The hard disk is the most intensively used central element of your computer. With time, it becomes fragmented. It is important to run a PC optimizer in order to recover all of its potential...

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Tricks to make your PC faster

What to do with a slow PC Have you noticed that for some time now your computer has been taking far too long to run certain applications or even to start up ? The solution you have adopted so far to...

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Why is my PC slow?

What is going on when I notice that my computer is slow ? A PC is like a car : you cannot expect your computer to last forever without regular maintenance. With time and the accumulation of...

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