This is practically the scourge of the century : the progressive slowing down of a personal or professional computer after a few months or a few years. This is made worse with today’s hyper-interconnection of computer systems that acts as a system of multiple open doors for long distance cyber attacks. According to a recent study a PC user can lose on average « the equivalent of a week’s work », because of time lost in downloading pages, applications and other software.

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Use Windows system tools

In the face of this scourge of modern times, there are various solutions for implementing a PC clean up. In order to be effective, the first thing to do is to run diagnostics using Windows system tools. The latest versions of Windows always include applications such as the Disk Cleanup tool. Unused applications installed in your system can sometimes use up too much memory when you power up your PC.

Detect malware

Subsequently, if you think there are more serious problems such as spyware threats then it may well be worth running a free PC diagnostic scan using Windows certified software programs. The software will report the slightest hint of registry errors that it detects. At this stage of the process, the PC cleanup is subject to payment of fees. This usually leads to a third phase which you can decide to pursue or otherwise depending on your real needs.

Eliminate incorrect and useless entries in order to optimize your registry

The Windows basic registry stores Microsoft Windows’ parameters and options. This basic data increases with time and often it includes invalid data or data that is no longer necessary. This is why your system slows down and malfunctions.
You can reinstall the system or start from scratch by buying a new computer. But that is an expensive solution.

In general you can find PC optimization software on the market, such as PC Speed Maximizer. These tools safely eliminate useless registry entries and guarantee that your registry remains clean and optimized.