What is going on when I notice that my computer is slow ?

A PC is like a car : you cannot expect your computer to last forever without regular maintenance. With time and the accumulation of activities the performance of a PC diminishes. This happens when the memory of your PC starts to reach saturation due to the fact that “for some unknown reason” certain downloaded software programs occupy memory space uselessly. In addition, very often they are updated and they run for no reason on your computer. All of this activity progressively diminishes your computer’s performance. The computer struggles, it accumulates problems and risks losing its efficiency more and more quickly. Therefore if my computer is slow it is because I do not maintain it properly.

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What can you do to solve the problem ?

In general, this situation is not due to a single cause but to many.

  • PC clean up : it is just like at home, every so often you need to do some spring cleaning. Superfluous files, full trash cans and unused programs can all be deleted to free useful space. You can even delete temporary Internet files that pile up very quickly in the course of hours of browsing.
  • Viruses and malware : Be careful as this does not only happen to others. You can also receive a virus via e-mail simply by opening email messages.
  • Finally, it is often necessary to defragment your hard disk in order to reorganize your data. It is recommended however that you seek the advice of an expert to fully understand and carry out this last step.